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We understand People. 

At Simply U, We know it will always be about people. About their Aspirations, Dreams, Ambition, Efforts, Choices, Decisions, Cross Roads, Failures, Frustration, Triumph and Successes along with their Relationships, Networks, Net worth and Growth. 


We fully understand the criticality of Timely Interventions, Correct Advice, Coaching, Mentoring, Training and “Right Skilling”. But nothing can undermine the importance of “Asking the Right Question”. 

For Counselling Students


We know how important Career Planning is for a young growing child, especially in the current highly competitive scenario and the kind of stress parents go through, consciously or sub consciously, in deciding which path their wards need to take to ensure a successful and stable future. 

The importance doesn’t diminish in the professional arena. The questions change but the criticality and importance of a robust career plan still exist.

We also understand fully what happens when a group of individually try and work together. How a group of Individuals working together can create amazing transformations or How one single individual can undo some great work already done by a group of individuals.

​In a nutshell, We understand People. That is the reason why we concentrated on developing services that address the most crucial component of a coherent Success strategy, irrespective of which phase in life an individual is or if the strategy in question is for a group of individuals – Managing Expectations.

From our own experience with dozens of leading global organizations, we understand that talent is only one variable in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous operating landscape but it’s surely the Most Crucial. Getting, Growing and Keeping Talent demands a holistic approach with Leadership Development, Employee Engagement and Career Management running right through the middle of them all.


In the solutions we offer, we help knit together the many strands of Talent Life Cycle – From Early Life till Leadership Role, from Acquisition to Management and Retention.  In the process, we cater to Talent Acquisition (Recruiting Services), Personal, Team & Leadership Development (Leadership Development Services), Career Counselling, Career Planning (Career Management Services) and Employee Engagement, HR Consulting ( Consulting Services).

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