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It all started with a need. A need to Understand ! 

Every Morning in a forest, a Gazelle wakes up with the knowledge that if it has to succeed that day, it has to run faster than the fastest Lion to survive that day. In the same forest, a Lion wakes up knowing that it has to run faster than the slowest Gazelle, if it has to avoid going hungry that day. So, how do we define Success ? 

With Hundreds of Man days of collective wisdom and Knowledge attained from working with the largest corporates and new startups, domestic home grown companies to Global Multi nationals  giants, we realized that everything is about Perspective and Expectations... And that forms the core of all our services. Managing Expectations and Understanding the Right Perspective.

Simply U was formed in 2012 with the sole purpose of "Creating Success Stories", both for an individual or an organization. 

Navneet Chandra

Chief Maven - Simply U

Maven - a person with good knowledge or understanding of a subject
Definition of “maven” from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press

An Expert on Building, Maintaining and Enhancing Intellectual assets to drive organizations for exponential growth, Navneet has over 25 years of business management, human resources and consulting experiences with various leading Organizations of repute and Start ups. He brings a unique blend of creative, strategic & management skills of significant value especially in the area of Leadership & Management to an organization.

He is among a few professionals available in India with a rare mix of corporate & consulting experience with hands on expertise of working in multiple geographies both in the domestic sector as well as in the Global Arena.  He has handled single location organizations with 25 people and Multi location MNCs with more than 3000 people globally. His corporate experiences have included a mix of Innovation based business enterprises like Intelligroup Inc. (the first organization to formally introduce offshore operations for sales, business development & Recruiting for IT Services in USA from India) or La Multi Infosystems (launched the first internet based ERP for educational institutions in India) and established leaders like HCL , ABC Consultants, Essel Shyam (now known as Planetcast) or Grassik Consultants.

Navneet has worked closely with senior business professionals from across the globe in the areas of Talent and Capability. He is recognized as an influential thought leader, skilled in defining the big picture and inspiring action at the tactical level especially in the areas of Talent and Capability.


Navneet is a Certified Psychometric Analyst from Singapore, Certified NLP Practitioner from UK, Certified Life Coach from USA and Green Belt in Career Planning  from UCLA, USA among others. He has trained more than 3000  professionals globally and recruited thousands more in his tenure over the last 2 decades. He has been mentoring, coaching & facilitating career and personal development initiatives by addressing career, professional and life direction issues, motivating participants to take immediate action by making small changes so as to increase their effectiveness and satisfaction.