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Career Planning

Career Planning & Management is about taking control. Plan, monitor and assess your career to proactively ensure that it is meeting both your professional and personal objectives. It also ensures that you are set for your movement forward and upward in the professional canvas

Effective career Planning  is built on firm foundations of Self Awareness, so it is essential to have a clear understanding of your “career assets” i.e. your skills, experiences and potential.  Exploring your career options and bench-marking your skills in the existing market place will help devise a clear, focused and realistic career plan.

Career Planning  isn’t just a single intervention but an ongoing strategy but  there will be times in your career when it will require more and immediate input.


Our career Planning & Management  programs help two categories of people specifically.


1. The Young – Students who are at cross roads. Either they do not know which stream to take or they know generically a stream they need to take but nothing much beyond that. We help them decide their short term goals by helping them on their stream choice or on their institution choice or what to do next after class 12.


Working with one of our team of specialist career coaches, we will help you understand yourself first and then equip you with tools and skills to manage your career by:


  • Identifying and assessing your key skills, experiences and beliefs and if any gaps exists


  • Identifying what it is you really want to do i.e. your passions


  • Devising a career action plan that is practical and realistic


2. The New professionals - Those who are currently in work but not satisfied, are looking for career progression in terms of a new role, promotion or even a career change, feel “stuck” career-wise and want to review their career options. Our coaches will help you understand the gaps, help you plan your way forward and work with you till you are comfortable in your path forward.